Professional Dry Cleaning and Fabricare Services

177 N. Allen St., Albany, NY 12206

Dry Cleaning in Albany, New York

Colonial Cleaners in Albany, New York, offers professional dry cleaning, alterations and tailoring, and smoke and fire damage restoration of your garments and textiles. We take care to ensure that your favorite household items are returned to their original condition so that you are able to enjoy them for years to come.

Cleaning Services

While some dry cleaning companies are limited to the types of materials they work with, we're proud to have the equipment and skills to clean anything. Whether removing a simple stain or restoring fabric that's been damaged by smoke, water, or fire, we work tirelessly to return your items to you in beautiful shape.
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About Our Company

Dry Cleaned Shirts - Colonial Dry Cleaners in Albany, NY
Colonial Cleaners has been locally owned and operated by our family since the 1920's. Our ownership is presently in its third generation and we are still proud to carry on the customer satisfaction tradition we have always had. Contact us for expert dry cleaning or alterations to your favorite items.